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Welcome to the 2023-24 NMHA Online Registration Information Page

Registration is now closed  There are limited spaces available in certain divisions, so if you would like to register please contact the Registrar at [email protected].

Please take the time to read the following information carefully before proceeding to the Online Registration. The link to the actual Registration page is at the bottom of this page.  Everyone must register online.

For returning players, or players that have played in prior years, to register this season use your member-defined account you created last season (same username/email).  For first time players that have never registered before with Hockey Canada, you will have to create a hockey profile first for your child before you can use the online registration which is explained below in the first-time player section.  This new system will also sync your e-Hockey (coach) accounts as well as your player registration accounts. 

ASSISTANCE WITH THE REGISTRATION PROCESS.                                                  

Online registration for the 2023/2024 season will close on September 22nd, for all age groups. All players (whether playing HL or Rep) will be automatically registered into the proper division based on one’s year of birth.  Registration for the 2023-2024 season is open to all eligible players born in the years 2019 (age 4) through to 2003 (age 20).

There are spots available in each division as of July 24th.  Once the spots have been filled anyone else wishing to enroll in the NMHA will be placed on a wait list.  If we get enough players on the wait list we will open up more teams.

The NMHA follows the Hockey Canada Player Pathways for U9 and below, as approved by Hockey Canada and mandated in OHF Regulation G3.  To learn more on the philosophy of the program and seasonal structure, these pathway documents can be found on the OMHA website.

We recommend that new players be somewhat comfortable on skates, be able to navigate themselves across the ice with minimal assistance and to get up on their own when they fall down. Our experience has shown that when a first-time player feels they have a chance to move with the play they are more likely to enjoy the experience.

Every house league division is on the ice twice a week.

Our House League hockey program operates on Saturdays & Sundays for divisions U7 up to U15.

In the U15 HL division, starting in January the number of practices will be reduced, and more games will be added.

The U16/U18/U21 HL division plays Sunday and Monday (subject to change).

The House League season will start sometime in October, exact date to be determined.

We cannot provide playing ice times for the divisions till we finalize our ice schedule with the Town of Newmarket end of August. We try to keep the ice times consistent throughout the season, but game / practice schedules are subject to change and there is no guarantee of a weekly practice and/or game due to ice availability. 

Important Information for First Time Players:

1. To be able to register online with NMHA, a player requires a Hockey Canada profile and ID number. Parents can create a profile for their child by completing the Parents Respect in sport program. Note:  If you have already completed the course for another child or for another sport, please add your new player to your RIS Parent profile. Once added you can proceed to the online registration.

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) mandates that at least one parent must complete the Respect in Sport Parent Program as "a condition of participation" for their child registered with NMHA.  In other words, if at least one parent does not complete the course your son/s and/or daughter/s will be ineligible to play in all hockey programs - House League, Rep, MD and Select until such time this one-hour online education course has been successfully completed. Further information on this program and how to register can be found by reading the “Respect in Sport Parent” document we have listed under our Registration link on our website. There is a cost to do this clinic, $12 plus HST.

Instructions:  parent walkthrough document

Link to site to register for Respect in Sport Parent Program:

Once you have completed the Parent RIS program proceed to the online registration and select “existing player”.   

2.  For first time players, proof of age and proof of residency is also required.  You should be able to upload these documents (birth certificate and driver’s licence) as part of the registration process. If you have difficulty doing so, you can email these to the NMHA office, and we will add these to your child’s profile.

3.   A first time player is registered once all the requirements below are met:

·       Parent Respect in Sport Completed

·       Online registration completed with payment

·       Proof of age (birth certificate) and Proof of residency (driver’s licence or utility bill) uploaded on player’s profile



NMHA only accepts credit card payments, Visa, or MC 

Player fee must be paid in full prior to first skate on ice.

Late Fee of $100 will be added as of July 16 to Divisions U10 up to U21


Age Group


Birth Year


Under-7 (U7)



$ 400

Under-8 (U8)




Under-9 (U9)



$ 575

Under-10 (U10)



$ 645

Under-11 (U11)



$ 645

Under-12 (U12)



$ 645

Under-13 (U13)



$ 645

Under-14 (U14)



$ 675

Under-15 (U15)



$ 675

Under-16 (U16)



$ 675

Under-18 (U18)


2007 / 2006

$ 675

Under-21 (U21)


2005 / 2004 / 2003

$ 675
















A $100 discount applies to 3rd player in family

·       A $200 discount applies to 4th player in family 

·       For discount to be applied need to register all players in the family at the same time

·       Non-Newmarket Resident Fee (per family) $50


Rowan’s Law (Mandatory)

Rowan’s Law is now attached to the online registration. All parents will need to check off the box to acknowledge that you have read the OHF Concussion Code of Conduct and the appropriate Concussion Awareness Resources applicable to your child’s age group to register. This is mandated by the Government of Ontario and very important for the safety of our Players. We have

prepared a document for you to read and learn more on Rowan’s Law which can be found under our registration link on our website.


Moving to Newmarket:

If you have moved to Newmarket and have played in another hockey centre, you must contact our Association Office for the proper residential transfer forms depending from which association you are coming from.  You won't be able to register until this has been done. Please go to the “Moving to Newmarket” section of our website to proceed.


Non-Newmarket Residents

We do accept out of town residents for our house league program. An additional fee of $50 applies to all out-of-town registrations. As a Non-Newmarket resident, you will have to contact our office first to have your child’s profile transferred to Newmarket. Forward email to [email protected], provide player’s name, date of birth and where player played last. Once profile is received, you will then be able to register online. Make sure to check the out-of-town registration fee box of $50 when completing the online registration, otherwise registration will not be accepted. This is a family fee, not a per player fee.


Other Registration Information to Note:

Further information on Fall Rep tryouts for U8MD, U9MD, and U18 will be posted on our website end of August.

NMHA reserves the right to refuse/deny registration.

Players registering with NMHA cannot play with any other team outside the jurisdiction of the NMHA (except for school teams) during the 2023-24 season to maintain eligibility to play with NMHA.

There may be two goalies assigned to a team as required.

NMHA reserves the right to move players to provide a fair and balanced house league program. In cases of dispute, a pro-rated refund will be available.

Refunds: Please read our Refund Policy

Anyone interested in coaching a House League team (first time coach with NMHA) must complete the online Coach Application. Click Here to Access the Application . Returning coaches, coaches that have previously coached a NMHA team, do not need to complete an application.

Once you have read the above terms and conditions, please click on the link below to register for the 2023-2024 season: