Mark Russell (U13-B) (Newmarket Minor Hockey)

PrintMark Russell (U13-B)
Mark has been an active coach over the last 5 years coaching his 2 boys in the Timbits and NMHA House League, Select and MD programs.

As we work towards icing a U13 BB program for the upcoming season, the message to parents and kids alike, is to not be intimidated by the thought of the initial skates with some of the A and AA preliminary skates.  This is a necessary part of the process.

There are a number of 2012 birth years that we observed over this past year that worked very hard to further develop their skills and you should be proud regardless of whether it was in a rep, select or a house league program, we encourage you to participate in the try outs!

As you consider if trying out for the U13 BB would be the right place for your child to play for the upcoming season, please take into consideration the pillars of the culture that the team would be guided by:

-A safe and supportive environment, built around respect for their teammates and coaches

-Working hard in a team environment

-Fun; enjoyment of the game of hockey, looking forward to coming to the rink and being in the dressing room with their teammates

-… but also, fun in the sense of putting the work in to expand their skills, pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones and realizing the satisfaction that comes from  this type of personal growth

-And finally, the Permission to Fail; one of many things observed and learned from the kids over the past 5 years of coaching is the weight some of them carry because they are afraid to fail.  All of our players will make mistakes, our coaches will embrace the mistakes with positive energy & supportive messaging.  This is a perpetual and ongoing commitment to your kids.