Dave Paterson (U16-AA) (Newmarket Minor Hockey)

PrintDave Paterson (U16-AA)
Like most Canadians, Dave Paterson fell in love with the game of hockey at a very young age. Being actively involved in coaching in some capacity for most of his adult life, he has had the pleasure to coach many athletes across a wide array of levels. With vast experience in coaching, leadership, sports psychology, and team building, Dave has been involved with the NMHA for a number of years in different capacities, having coached house league, Select, and ‘AA’ hockey.

He has made great strides during the past seasons with this team in developing an amazing group of young athletes through team
culture, consistent messaging, skills development, purposeful repetition, skill proficiency, muscle memory, age appropriate discipline and positive reinforcement. Teaching them the value of hard work, being a good teammate, student and member of the community, Dave and his staff provide the players with an inclusive team culture and safe environment for them to learn and develop. His experience, organization, systematic approach to development and attitude aligns well with the Association’s core values.