Mike Rushton (U11-A) (Newmarket Minor Hockey)

PrintMike Rushton (U11-A)

Mike has been coaching within the NMHA since his two boys joined the ‘Timbits Initiation’ program in 2018.

His coaching philosophy centers around fostering a positive and collaborative environment where players can thrive both on and off the ice. He believes in the development of well-rounded individuals, emphasizing not only their hockey skills but also their character, discipline, and teamwork.


Ultimately, Mike’s goal is to not only win games but also to positively impact the lives of the players by instilling values that extend beyond the rink. He and the coaching staff aim to create an environment where athletes are not only skilled hockey players but also well-rounded, confident, and resilient individuals prepared for success both on and off the ice.


His number one objective for all players that he gets the opportunity to coach is that they want to play hockey again the following season.