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Sep 21, 2021 | Chris Neale | 1048 views
September 21, 2021: Newmarket releases COVID-19 Vaccinated Policy for those entering Town facilities. 

Starting September 22, those entering certain indoor public settings will be required to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of full vaccination* status in accordance with Provincial legislation. In an effort to remain consistent and fair, the Town will be implementing the following:

From September 22 to October 31: All individuals 18+ will be required to provide proof of full vaccination* for entry into a Town facility or recreation program, including access to the Customer Service Kiosks at the Magna Centre and the Ray Twinney Recreation Complex.

Note: The Newmarket Public Library is exempt from this regulation (as per the Provincial regulations) and the Library Board will be discussing vaccination requirements for use of the Library at an upcoming meeting.

November 1: All individuals 12+ will be required to provide proof of full vaccination* for entry into a Town facility, including the Customer Service Kiosk, and participation in all recreation programs and events as approved at the Special Council Meeting on September 21.

Note: The Town will be exploring ways to ensure those who are unvaccinated will still be able to access in-person services by appointment. As always, Town continues to offer its services digitally to all residents.  

“Newmarket is taking a consistent and fair approach for our residents while applying the Province’s new regulations for proof of vaccination. 
As of November 1, the Town will require all those 12+ years old, including those who are participating in organized sports to provide proof of vaccination,” says Mayor John Taylor. “We want to remain equitable for all individuals entering our facilities and not create a divide on who is able to enter and who isn’t based on the type of program the individual is participating in. A stronger vaccination requirement is our best chance at slowing down the spread of the virus, while helping us and local businesses avoid another lockdown.”

Exemptions - Proof of vaccination is not required for the following:

- Children age 0-11 do not need to be vaccinated Those with medical exemptions. Participants will need to provide proof of medical exemption with a letter from a doctor or nurse practitioner  
From September 22 to October 31 only: Youths ages 12-17 who are actively participating in an organized sport for training, practices and games. As of November 1, proof of vaccination will be required for all those 12+.   
- Entry into the Newmarket Public Library (depending on the direction set by the Newmarket Public Library Board which will be decided at a later date)  

All participants will be screened and be required to provide full vaccination* proof upon entry to any Town of Newmarket facility and/or participate in any recreation program/event. Masks are mandatory when entering, exiting and travelling throughout the facility, and while watching and/or waiting for participants in programs.  

From September 22 to October 31, all participants 18+ will be screened and asked to show the following:
1. Proof of completion of the Town of Newmarket’s public screening survey.
2. Hard copy / digital copy of your proof of vaccination (two doses of a Heath  Canada Approved Vaccine or one dose of the Jansen (Johnson and Johnson)  vaccine dated at least 14 days prior to entry into a Town facility.
- You can obtain a copy of this medical record through the Province of Ontario’s  webpage.  
3. A piece of ID that includes your full name and date of birth. (i.e. Driver’s  License, Health Card, Government issued identification card etc.)

As of November 1, all individuals aged 12+ will be screened and asked to show the same requirements noted above in order to enter a Town facility and/or to participate in recreation program/event.

The Town of Newmarket has also finalized its vaccination policy for staff, volunteers and members of Council that will require full vaccination* by November 1, 2021. Newmarket Council had previously directed staff to draft a policy that was ratified at the Monday, September 20 Council meeting. Staff will be required to provide proof of first vaccination by October 1, 2021 and proof of second dose by November 1, 2021. Staff members with valid medical or other human rights-based exemptions will be considered for appropriate accommodation within the policy.   

For more information on the vaccination requirements for the public entering a Town facility or participating in a Town recreation program/event please visit    

*Fully vaccinated means all individuals must have proof of two doses of a Health Canada Approved Vaccine or one dose of the Jansen (Johnson and Johnson) vaccine plus a two-week waiting period from their last dose