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Sep 04, 2021 | Chris Neale | 1346 views
Dear Renegade Athletes and Families,

Yesterday the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) announced a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for all vaccine eligible participants involved in minor hockey for the upcoming season. All eligible participants are required to be fully vaccinated by October 31, 2021.

The Newmarket Minor Hockey Association is required to comply with and, in the interest of the safety of all our athletes and their families, fully supports the OMHA policy.

To view the entire OMHA policy please see that attached link:

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a very fluid situation and we will continue to provide relevant updates to our membership.

We urge all Renegade athletes and families to do their part: get vaccinated, wear your mask, respect the rules of our community and arenas.

We continue to look forward to our return to hockey STRONGER and SAFER than ever!

See you at the rink.

NMHA Executive


Q: What does ‘fully vaccinated’ by October 31, 2021 mean?

A: You must receive your 2nd dose a minimum of 14 days prior to October 31, 2021 to be considered ‘fully vaccinated’.

Q: What ‘accommodations’ will be made for eligible athletes who cannot be vaccinated?

A:  Please review the entire OMHA policy for further information on valid accommodations under the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC).

Q: Will refunds be made available to athletes who by ‘personal choice’ are not vaccinated?

A: Yes, refunds will be made available. Details for processing are still being confirmed.

Q: What screening process will be in effect to validate vaccinations?

A: We are in process of finalizing the protocols that will be in effect October 31st.

Q: What is the current screening process in place to access arenas?

A: See below for Newmarket Arena protocols

·       Facility access will remain at 15 minutes prior to rental start time.  

o   At the Magna Centre, access for ice pads will be through the main West doors.

o   At the Ray Twinney Complex, each pad can be accessed through its respective main entrance. 

·       Groups will be asked to exit within 20 minutes of the end of their time.  

o   At Magna, for NHL dimension ice users, we ask that patrons exit via the doors at the West end of each rink.

o   For Forhan users, please exit through the West door in which they entered.

o   For Ray Twinney Pad #1, patrons may exit the two sets of double doors located by the dressing rooms

o   For Ray Twinney Pad #2, patrons may exit via the facility doors at the south end of the pad. 

·       We are asking all patrons to complete the   Town’s online screening in addition to their own screening and attendance process.  Screening staff will verify that patrons receive a green check mark on a smart device or offer verbal or written screening at the desk.  To ensure a fast process, the online version is preferred. 

o   This is a new step.  Previously, we only confirmed members had completed their own tracking process.

·       Face coverings/masks must be worn at all times by guardians/spectators but may be removed by    participants while engaged in exercise/physical activity.  We ask that participants stay in the dressing room or chair until their ice surface is ready for use. 

o   We want to avoid having participants cross paths with other groups and also lining up off the ice, without masks on.

·      Dressing rooms with limited occupancy will be available.  Each booking will have two rooms, with additional chairs available around each arena.  This means it is likely that an entire group may not fit within their dressing room at one time.

o   For example, Magna Centre dressing rooms have an occupancy of 8.  Additional chairs will be available within the pad, similar to previous phases of re-opening.  

o   We suggest coaches assign a “dressing room” or “chair” spot in advance of the game or practice.

·      Guardians U11 age group and below may access dressing rooms to assist with equipment and do not count towards the maximum occupancy.  Once the participant is ready, they are asked to proceed to spectator area as soon as possible.

·      Participants may stay for back-to-back sessions.  If using a dressing room, please move the bag/gear to the appropriate chair area for the next hour, to allow staff to clean the dressing room. 

Key Points Specific to Magna Centre:

·      For dressing rooms that can enter directly to the pad, please use this door instead of the corridor between pads to enter and exit the Arena. 

·      Spectators for the Forhan pad may proceed upstairs via the elevator or stairs.  They are asked to proceed directly to the viewing area and not to enter other areas of the facility.

Key Points Specific to Ray Twinney Recreation Complex  

·      Spectators for Pad #1 are asked to stand opposite from the player benches, or sit in Sections B, C, or D.

·      Spectators for Pad #2 are asked to stand at each end of the pad, closest to their team bench.  The seats in the heated area will remain closed.  This leaves only minimal heated space for viewing this pad.

Please review the attached link which includes Town Reopening details including maps for access points to each arena.